Regulations for the “Swiss Society for Reconstructive Dentistry Research-Award / SSRD Research Award“

1. Description

The “Swiss Society for Reconstructive Dentistry Research-Award” (SSRD Research-Award), will be conferred annually by the Swiss Society for Reconstructive Dentistry and consists of a certificate and a cash prize of CHF 3'000.00 for first place, CHF 1'500.00 for second place and CHF 500.00 for third place. (Total CHF 5'000.00).

2. Purpose of the Award

The “SSRD Research-Award” will be granted to clinicians and researchers with the aim to:

  • Honor young scientists for exceptional achievements and motivate young academics
  • Promote the SSRD, nationally and internationally, as an organization, which actively supports young academics in the field of Reconstructive Dentistry

3. Requirements for the Applicants

Application for the “SSRD Research-Award” is open to young national and international clinicians and researchers. The age limit is 40 years.

4. Procedure

The competition will be published nationally and internationally, and the “SSRD Research-Award” presented at the SSRD’s annual conference.

  • The “SSRD Research-Award“ will be advertised not later than 6 months before the annual conference in English in the “International Journal of Prosthodontics“ and in the “Schweizerische Monatsschrift für Zahnheilkunde” in German/French.
  • Candidates may submit their applications either as a single author or as a member of a research group (as primary or senior author).
  • Applications have to be sent to: The President of the Scientific Committee SSRD.
  • The application must comprise of a detailed English abstract (max. 1'000 words), structured in sections titled: “Statement of the problem, Aim(s) / Material and Methods / Results / Conclusions”. 2
  • The abstract should describe work, which is either un-published, or has been accepted for publication within the past year, in the field of Reconstructive Dentistry including implants, materials, special care dentistry, myofacial pain and dysfunction (TMJ) and must be of high scientific merit and clinical relevance. Between equivalent projects, preference will be given to those dealing closely with prosthetic topics.
  • The jury is appointed for a mandate of one year by the Scientific Committee of the SSRD to judge the submitted abstracts.
  • The jury will select up to 3 candidates and inform them of their participation in the competition during the annual conference. A minimum of 2 applications are needed for the “SSRD Research Award” competition to take place and be conferred. If only 1 candidate is eligible, her / his candidature will be postponed to the next year’s “SSRD Research-Award” competition.
  • The selected young researchers are obliged to present a short 10 minute lecture, which will be followed by a 5 minute discussion.
  • Travel and accommodation costs are covered (CHF100.00 for national participants and CHF 500.00 for international participants). The registration fee and the annual gala evening are complimentary.
  • The scientific committee decides on the ranking of the candidates based on a pre-defined score-sheet covering various aspects of their abstract, their presentation as well as the scientific merits of the projects.
  • The winners must be present for the award ceremony.
  • The “SSRD Research-Award” is funded by the SSRD.